Why Buy Original Art?

                                                                                            Why Buy Original Art?

- In our World of intense and inexpensive manufacturing, Original Art stands as a very unique commodity that no one else in the the Universe, owns.
Its uniqueness is special.

- Original Art is also special because it allows you to express your tastes and your emotions and makes a statement,  of whom you are.

 - Original Art generates feelings of joy, kindness, passion, serenity, love, even happiness. A great piece of Art can become a friend with whom you have a  personal connection.
- The emotions that drove the Artist to create, become yours, for you to share and cherish.
A very famous Writer, Mr Leon Tolstoi wrote  those few words that illustrate so well how Art makes you experience the passion and creativity of the Artist "To evoke in oneself a feeling one has once experienced, and having evoked it in oneself, then, by means of movements, lines, colors, sounds, or forms expressed in words, so to transmit that feeling that others may experience the same feeling .This is the activity of art.
-Leon Tolstoi (1828-1910)-
- The buyer of Original Art makes a statement that he or she understands the importance of Art in a sophisticated  culture by supporting the Artist and the local economy.
- It is because of people like you that the Art can flourish in the world.
- It is because of people like you that the Artist is allowed to continue his quest toward creativity, for the progression of civilization. Art is part of whom we are, It is a stamp of our present that will allow further generations to understand and know us.
- Original Art never goes out of fashion, unlike furniture, fashion, cars etc.. It never needs replacement nor maintenance.
- Original Art can be a financial investment and Even if a painting appreciates only a small amout, it is still better than all the money we spend on possessions that depreciate.
To conclude I want to quote a well established American painter, Howard Cooperman- Bucks County Gallery of Fine Art-: "Since the days of the caveman, art has held up our hopes, dreams, fears, and creativity for all to share. Art is a Universal Language, as the world becomes increasingly divided, art has the power to help unite us"

Below is a payment plan to help you own Original Art you are in love with

                  SELLING PRICE-         6 PAYMENTS OF-             TOTAL

                           $500                                            $90                           $540
                           $1000                                           $175                        $1050
                            $1500                                          $260                       $1560
                            $2000                                          $345                       $2070
                            $2500                                          $430                       $2580
                           $3000                                          $515                         $3090
                           $3500                                          $600                        $3600
                           $4000                                          $685                        $4110