First Smile of Spring


Palm Story 40x40

Spring is showing her first smile!

The azaleas are not blooming yet, but, this morning the garden was warming up,  smiling under the beautiful sky , the birds were having a concert, and a few trees were starting to dress themselves with pretty pink flowers.

In my studio, I had anticipated that special day and I thought that t was the perfect day to share with you my latest work, filled with the Spring's beauty and mood. For the past few months I have been so cold, that one way to escape it,for me,  was to imagine the colors of the spring.

 Yes, those paintings are mostly from my garden but the colors are from my imagination. It is fun to project myself into a world of colors that make my soul sing.

The painting below, represents my garden, by a cold day of winter. Yet even though, Nature has a way of looking sleepy during the winter, this piece is not at all preoccupied by the weather condition. It dares to convey energy and joy, like a dance of the landscape,  a valse of turquoise and blues. You may notice a little person walking toward the house, it is me. The horse belongs to my dreams.

In the past, although I have been very audacious with colors, it seems that I always respected the hue that was given to me by the scenery. Lately, I have been feeling more free in my work. Actually, I was always free, so I would rather say that something has changed in my approach to painting. Perhaps, I have lost all fear of the canvas and the consequences of my brush strokes.

It feels like an adventure, everything is possible. 

I am not the captain anymore. There is a force behind my hand. There is a force that leads my creativity.

I feel so fortunate to be able to use oil paint for the pure joy of expressing myself.

I see reality better. It is just a painting!

For more works go to my site. where I have created a new category, more practical for all my Fans and  dear Customers.

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